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St Clears & Banc-y-felin Liberal Democrats - Welcome

St Clears Town Council PlaqueA small team of Liberal Democrats has been actively campaigning in the St Clears area for a number of years. Our main focus has been on doing our best to help individuals with a variety of problems and on supporting the development of the communities of St Clears and Banc-y-felin.

One of the main issues we face is that most of the decisions that affect the St Clears area are not actually made in St Clears. Many are made in Carmarthen or Llanelli by the County Council. Many others are made in Cardiff (by the Welsh Government and the National Assembly) or in London (by the UK Government and Parliament in Westminster). Some decisions that affect us are made in Brussels and Strasbourg (by the European Union and the European Parliament). And some decisions are made by unelected and often unaccountable public bodies.

As Liberal Democrats we always aim to represent local people on all the bodies that affect local communities (that's why we can represent local people more effectively than independent councillors). That starts at a local level with St Clears Town Council. Although it has limited powers and a limited budget (compared to the County Council) this is the place where local representation starts. This is where all the organisations involved in making decisions for St Clears can be lobbied and made aware of local needs and concerns.

Our Campaign Issues

In 2008 (the year of the last elections for the Town Council), the main campaign aims in our Manifesto were:

  • Helping local people wherever we can with their problems
  • Making sure that St Clears doesn't suffer from too much housing development
  • Ensuring that we have local jobs in the area so that not everyone has to commute
  • Keeping Pentre Road a vibrant local shopping centre - we don't want a 'ghost town'
  • Increasing the size of the main car park in St Clears and trying to stop parking charges being introduced
  • Getting more play facilities for local children
  • Re-opening St Clears railway station
  • Making the County Council take notice of St Clears and Banc-y-felin and give them a higher priority
  • Improving the way the Town Council works so that it can respond better to what the needs of all local people

In the Election of May 2008, we were successful in getting one of our Members, Selwyn Runnett, elected for the Llanfihangel Abercowin Ward (this is the Ward that covers the area to the East of the River Taf including areas such as Station Road/ Station Hill and also Banc-y-felin). However, there are 13 Town Councillors in total so Selwyn has had to work in coalition with the other Councillors to try to achieve as many of our aims as possible. We have had many successes but there are also many things that we would like to have seen which haven't been achieved.

This Year's Elections

In May this year there will be elections for both the Town Council and the County Council. There are 13 Town Councillors and one County Councillor. In February, we will be producing our new Manifesto for St Clears together with a list of what we've achieved and not achieved during the last four years. This will list what we would like to see happen during the period of the next Town Council which will run from 2012 to 2016 and what we think the County Council should be doing in St Clears. We will be standing candidates for the Town Council and for the County Council. Obviously, if we can get more Liberal Democrats elected, we will have a better chance of acheiving more of our aims.

Can You Help?

We are actively looking now for people to help us with our local campaigns. If you are interested in local community issues, have just a little spare time and have voted Liberal Democrat (like many people in St Clears) or thought about voting Liberal Democrat, why not think about helping us? We are not a group of political anaraks! Local Liberal Democrats are just friendly, ordinary people like you who want to do their bit for the community. Interested? Please get in touch for informal chat - it will not commit you to anything. But it will give you a chance to find out more. Contact Selwyn Runnett by e-mail or by phone on 01994 438174 (daytime) or 01994 231568 (evenings and weekends).