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Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats are a group of Liberal Democrat Members and supporters who are the present-day inheritors of a proud Welsh Liberal tradition. The roots of the old Welsh Liberal Party go back a long way and run deep in West Wales.

Historically, both Counties were Liberal and many of the communities across the area still retain strong Liberal values. Local Liberal Democrats are committed to reviving that Liberal tradition by developing modern policies for the 21st Century.

We are attracting a new generation of Liberals who have a Vision. A Vision for a confident and forward-looking Wales which is economically successful, has fairness and social justice at its core, and with Councils that are open, transparent and accountable to local people.

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Recent updates

  • Article: Jul 24, 2014

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) published its latest update to the World Economic Outlook report today, showing good news for Britain's economy.

    The IMF project that the UK will be the fastest growing major advanced economy in 2014, expecting the UK to grow by 3.2% this year and 2.7% in 2015.

    The new figures predicted by IMF for 2014 are double the amount predicted last year, confirming that Britain is powering ahead faster than expected.

  • Article: Jul 23, 2014
    dominikgolenia via photopphoto credit: dominikgolenia via photopin cc

    New tory Disability Minister, Mark Harper MP, has announced that disabled people's 'right to control' their care package will not be rolled out nationally.

    The announcement comes after the scheme was piloted in seven areas of England between December 2010 and 12 December 2013.

    An evaluation of the pilot schemes found that the 'right to control' "may not have resulted in any measurable" impact for disabled people. As a result the government will not be extending the pilot to further areas.

    In a written ministerial statement released today (17 June 2014), the Minister for Disabled People Mark Harper said:

    "The Right to Control pilot operated in seven areas of England between 12 December 2010 and 12 December 2013. The aims of the pilot were to bring together a number of different funding streams into a streamlined process that allowed disabled people choice and control over how funding for them was used to provide the care, support (including employment support) and equipment they needed; and to test the costs and benefits to public authorities.

    "The Government remains committed to the principles of personalisation and of providing disabled people with greater choice and control over how the funding they are entitled to is used by them or on their behalf. Whilst the evaluation of this pilot may not have resulted in any measurable impact on outcomes, it was popular with those individuals who exercised their right to control and they valued the greater flexibilities it gave them. It also acted as a catalyst to developing local relationships and partnerships.

    "Since the Right to Control pilot began in 2010, developments in Government policy have increasingly recognised the importance of personalisation in the delivery of services. The Care Act 2014 enables greater choice and control for the individual in adult social care and also provides co-operation duties to support partnership working and the flexibility needed to maintain Right to Control style approaches at local level. We are in the process of introducing personalisation within the context of the Disability and Health Employment Strategy, to develop a more personalised approach to delivering employment support for disabled people.

    "Taking these changes into consideration together with the evaluation findings of the Right to Control pilot the Government has decided not to roll out the Right to Control nationally.

    "As required by the Welfare Reform Act 2009, a report on the operation of the pilot has been prepared, and I will place

  • Article: Jul 23, 2014

    Carers will receive a bonus worth up to £250-a-year under a Liberal Democrat government, it has been announced.Sunrise Living Care Home

    The no strings attached Carer's Bonus will help more than one million people who look after disabled loved-ones. The annual payment will help full-time carers get a bit of extra help and recognises the invaluable contribution they make to society.

  • Article: Jul 23, 2014

    Nick Clegg paid a visit to Pride House in Glasgow today to hear about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights across the Commonwealth and sports.

    Almost 80% of Commonwealth countries (42 out of 53 countries) represented in Glasgow this week criminalise homosexuality in some way. Pride House is an LGBT space set up to promote diversity at the Games and within the Commonwealth.

  • Article: Jul 23, 2014

    The number of small and medium-sized businesses supported through the Regional Growth Fund has trebled over the past year to 5,100, helping businesses to create more jobs and expand into new markets.

    The Regional Growth Fund, introduced by Liberal Democrats in Government, is strengthening Britain's economy and making a big difference to local communities. Through supporting business of all sizes and sectors, new job and apprenticeship opportunities are opening up across Britain.

  • Article: Jul 22, 2014

    Become a Dementia Friend now:

    Step 1

    Watch our video.

    Step 2

    Enter your details to get your FREE Dementia Friends pack.

  • Article: Jul 22, 2014
    In Leonard Cheshire Disability

    Did you know that only 1 in 20 homes in the UK are disabled-friendly?

    A few months ago I didn't. But we're publishing new research this Wednesday which shows the devastating impact caused by the massive shortage of disabled-friendly homes.

    When someone becomes disabled - after an accident or illness, for example - a perfect home can turn into a nightmare. Some people have to wash at their kitchen sink, others are using commodes in their living rooms - all because there are no disabled-friendly homes to move to.

    Sign Sue's petition to build more disabled-friendly homes.

    Sue in the living room, where she sleepsI met Sue a few weeks ago and saw for myself how much we need more disabled-friendly homes. Sue can't get upstairs to her bathroom, so she has to be strip washed daily at her kitchen sink. She keeps her shower gel next to her washing up liquid.

    This Wednesday we'll launch Home Truths - a campaign calling for all new homes to be disabled-friendly, and for 1 in 10 to be fully wheelchair accessible.

    I don't think that's too much to ask. More and more of us are becoming disabled - we need to plan for the future now and build the right kind of homes.

    Sue needs to move to a disabled-friendly home, but she can't. Sign her petition today to get more disabled-friendly homes built.

    Thanks for your support,

    Leonard Cheshire Disabilit

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  • Article: Jul 22, 2014

    Liberal Democrats have announced that future Governments will be required by law to help fight fuel poverty by making the coldest, leakiest homes more energy efficient.

    Households on low incomes and high energy costs, often caused by poorly insulated homes, will face lower bills as they are raised to a Band C energy efficiency rating by 2030.

  • key_FGM.jpg
    Article: Jul 22, 2014

    Today, Nick Clegg attended the Girl Summit, aimed at mobilising domestic and international efforts to end FGM.

    At the summit, which saw 500 delegates from 50 countries, the government announced a range of measures aimed at bringing an end to female genital mutilation in Britain and abroad.

    New laws were announced that would see parents prosecuted if they failed to prevent their daughter undergoing FGM. Programmes were also introduced in order to prevent FGM in 12 developing countries.

  • Article: Jul 22, 2014

    Liberal Democrats in Government have confirmed the Government's commitment to halving UK greenhouse gases by 2025.

    Tories had attempted to weaken measures to tackle global warming with plans to change the fourth carbon budget, which sets a greenhouse gas emissions limit through the 2020s. However, thanks to the Liberal Democrats, the fourth carbon budget will be retained.

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